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Should Margin of Victory Calculation Include Lost Games?

Written by bloggermark

Right now I’m averaging the points spread on WON GAMES ONLY to calculate MOV. However, I’m considering whether the points spread should be based on wins AND losses. For undefeated players this has no impact, but on the rest of us, it will bring our MOV down a bit, perhaps better reflecting our skill by factoring in how badly we lost those games (or from another perspective, how close the losses were).

NOTE: I’m not going to factor in scores from games ending in forfeit or no-show or incomplete. Those tend to be lopsided results that are not indicative of actual skill.

So, should I update the calculation to include points spread on lost games too?

Also, you might be wondering why I calculate MOV at all, since it encourages people to spike their scores on players of lesser skill. Well, I’ve taken MOV out of the picture in terms of determining the champion for the daily challenge (it’s based on win %, then a playoff/championship if needed). However, I do think MOV has a valuable place in determining a player’s skill ranking. So, at this time I’m electing to keep it; however, I am interested in formula changes that make it more relevant and accurate.

Again, feedback solicited. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Should Margin of Victory Calculation Include Lost Games?”

  1. opus61 says:

    It seems to me that averaging both the MOL and MOV would be a closer representation of play.

  2. Kevin says:

    Like the MOV as a reflection of skill and I would be an advocate for factoring in the MOL somehow…just not averaged in with the MOV value therefore bringing it down. Maybe its own separate value? Who knows…but the more stats the better…