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Bracket for Nov Battle for America Playoff

Written by bloggermark

OK, as you know Opus61 prevailed in the Nov BAM. But we decided to have a little playoff fun, and here’s the bracketing. I know the scrollbars aren’t pretty, but it works…

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6 Responses to “Bracket for Nov Battle for America Playoff”

  1. Comedypace says:

    Congrats to Bshaw…. I made 1 dumb move..he saw it..took advantage and never looked back!

    It’s been fun!

  2. Great job to all who participated in the Daily Challenge (BAM) Tourney.

    And the Winner is……..

    ” BShaw94 ”


  3. opus61 says:

    Congratulations to Miikal. He played an excellent game. The game was played with strategically sound defense. Every play involved thought and problem-resolution. Great fun. Other than his 98-point word, aquarial, the final score could easily have been in the low 300s for both of us. I sometimes enjoy a loss more than a victory. This was one of them! Thanks again, Jon.

  4. Michelle says:

    I know one or both maybe on Pacific Time.. Just anxious to play .. any word yet?

  5. Marcus Robinson says:

    I haven’t heard from them yet. Will PM them here shortly. Thanks!

  6. Michelle says:

    Is there a winner yet from Jrod1982 and Thiefybk?