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Daily Challenge Playoff Starts 8AM Pacific Monday

Written by bloggermark

Hey, Gang. I just heard from Marcus Robinson. He’s going to kickoff the challenge for November’s top players at 8AM Pacific tomorrow, so just wanted to let you know. You’ll get an email at that time if you were in the top 16 in November (see a few posts back).

Thanks for your patience. The bracketing in Challonge! will add a neat dynamic. Marcus is sending me the script to embed results on my site here.

Have a great day!

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4 Responses to “Daily Challenge Playoff Starts 8AM Pacific Monday”

  1. David says:

    II didn’t get a notification either. My opponent told me we were paired, but I never received any “official” notification. Is there a link to the brackets?

  2. Marcus Robinson says:

    Emails were sent out via challonge.com @ 10pm last night and also 7am PST.

    Just go to the link below and you will see the person whom you are matched up with. Also make sure you check your spam folder or junk mail and make sure you accept emails from challonge.com

    Remember the same daily rules apply, if you don’t remember the rules just click the “Daily Challenge” tab.

    You can input scores by pressing the “?” by your name.


  3. Michelle says:

    I have not received email regarding Playoff.

  4. Stappacino says:

    I have the “Words with Friends” app that cost $2.99.
    I can noty find a results tab to enter a tournament.
    Could I possibly have a different app?
    Thanks Stappacino