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Updated Rules for Daily Challenge

Written by bloggermark

MARGIN OF VICTORY – Note that I’ve changed the rules such that a playoff will determine the champion in the event multiple players have the top win percentage. Margin of victory means NOTHING with regard to the championship from this point forward — so go easy on the players of lesser skill, and focus on just winning games.

Also, I clarified a few things regarding slow players. Please note:

  • The editing range for updating scores is still only 3 rounds. That is, you can edit the current round, as well as the prior 2. This nets out to about 72 hours from the time of round cycling (midnight Pacific). Although, keep in mind that sometimes you don’t get a player at the midnight cycle (e.g., re-entries and late comers), so you must mind the clock.
  • Time to complete games is 48 hours from when a game is launched on your device — which means you CAN declare a victory due to “Time Ran Out” if your opponent is primarily at fault for slow play. This shows as an “Incomplete” on the history, but awards you the win, regardless of which player was ahead in points. This is incentive to finish on time.

I am terribly busy these days, so please don’t ask me to update scores if you and your opponent miss the reporting window (I’m such a meanie, huh?)

Anyway, thanks for making this fun, everyone!

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One Response to “Updated Rules for Daily Challenge”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I can not post daily results and now it says that I am not in daily challenge…what can I do?