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New Enhancements

Written by bloggermark

Got to some maintenance today on the Daily Challenge…

  • You can now click on the tournament’s title in the Results tab, and this will show you current standings for the Daily Challenge. This uses a primary sort for win % and secondary sort for margin of victory (or MOV).
  • Daily Challenge results are broken up into those with greater than 20 games (thus eligible to win), those with 4 or more games (i.e., ranked), and finally those with fewer than 4 games (i.e., unranked).
  • Moved the “Withdraw” button to prevent accidental selection.
  • Implemented the option to edit scores for the current and two prior rounds — WITHOUT rejoining and WITHOUT drawing a new opponent. Thus, you can take a break and still be able to record scores for your games as they wrap up.

I still need to update the RULES for the Daily Challenge, because it’s no longer going to be based on Win % (with tie break by MOV); instead, it’ll be a top 16 playoff. This helps de-emphasize MOV and make it almost a non-factor. I’m also wondering if I shouldn’t make MOV based on wins AND losses, whereas it’s currently factoring only MOV for games won.

Last topic for now: People have asked for greater reach in updating prior rounds. I have struggled with this, and my conclusion is this: If you cannot post on time, you either need to invoke the 48-hour time limit on your opponent, or you need to just play faster. To avoid being swamped with manual updates, I’m going to have to start saying no to email updates.

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