• There are no results yet for this round of the monthly tournament.

December Tournament – CANCELED!

Written by bloggermark

Just a reminder — there will be no December monthly tournament.

In a few hours, Marcus Robinson kicks off his December tournament (wordswithfriendstournaments.com), but I’m not sure whether it’s still possible to get in if you were not registered there previously.

What about the Daily Challenge?

A December Daily Challenge will be initiated shortly.

What about conclusion of November Daily Challenge? We’ll wait until Friday night for the Round 30 results to be reported in the November Daily Challenge. At that point, I’ll crown the winner (see rules) and announce the final 16 for a friendly follow-up playoff.

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6 Responses to “December Tournament – CANCELED!”

  1. Michael says:


    Is the November daily challenge now locked? Trying to enter the score from the 11/30 match and do not seem to be able to.



  2. I am willing to keep open membership sign ups to play. I will leave it opened until 12:00 noon Pacific Time. I will extend Rounds an extra day to do so.

    Thanks Mark!

  3. Michael says:

    Hi Mark,

    When I go to “My Tourney” for the December daily challenge and click play, the screen just flashes real quick and nothing happens. Trying to enter the score for the 12/1 challenge game that was completed this morning.



  4. mike b says:

    will the december daily tournament kick-off tomorrow or sometime later in the month?