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Final Round: rfar45 vs. hogpower

Written by bloggermark

Two players standing after 28 days and 1,400 competitors. If they played 2.5 matches per round, that would be 70 games played over an 11-round winning streak. If each game took 2 hours, that would be 140 hours. Consider this like the final 2 miles of a marathon. Two elites, running their hearts out in a contest in which there can be only one champion.

rfar45 is a known commodity. Anyone could easily have placed him in the final on the strength of past performance. Hogpower is a newer name who dispatched some big players in this tourney, including the last round win over WWF Lover (whom I thought would be the champ this month).

Clearly, both players are world class and are capable of winning. I have no favorite here. I just hope both players enjoy the thrill of the competition and sense the pride of being at the top of the heap!

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7 Responses to “Final Round: rfar45 vs. hogpower”

  1. maariakhaleel says:

    Congratulations to rfar on winning this tournament…I would also like to congratulate to hogpower he did his best

  2. You Cant Win says:

    Go Jobie

  3. Annie says:

    woopigsooie, go hog!! i meant the person not the team ;)

  4. Joel says:

    Good Luck to boyh…But I have to pull for Hogpower (since he took me out!)

  5. maariakhaleel says:

    Wish both of you best of luck

  6. Michelle says:

    Congrats! You are both winners!