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Semi-Final is On

Written by bloggermark

Maria786 vs rfar45

Hogpower vs WWF Lover

It’ll be interesting to see if Hogpower can pull this off! A hog swimming with the sharks out here!

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8 Responses to “Semi-Final is On”

  1. maariakhaleel says:

    It was great pleasure to be in the Semis and matched with an extremely skilled opponent like rfar45…He has full potential to take it all…I wish him best of luck

    • rfar45 says:

      Maria thank you for the kind words, the pleasure was all mine :) …..
      I think you’re still up a few wins on me dating back to our friendly games a few months ago but i guess timing is everything… I feel extremely lucky (as i was) to win this match, you are truly a great scrabbler with a unique open-board (but very solid!!) style of play which makes the games very fun and exciting……. looking forward to playing you again soon :) )

      • Tiler8 says:

        I just want to say to Rfar… I’m rooting for you to win it all, man.

        If I’m going to be beaten, I want to be beaten by the best. :-)

  2. David says:

    I hold no allusions that Hogpower is a hog in a shark pit! i played a friendly game with him this weekend and he stomped me. He is and always has been a formidable opponent…and one I find it a privilege to play.

    David (WWF Lover)

    • WWF Lover says:

      Well, as they say, the stockings are all hung, and we await Santa to come and bring good cheer. This year the good cheer is heading to Hogpower, who not only beat me, i think he humiliated me. LOL. My heart was there, but the tile gods left me with bags of coal. As I hang my head in defeat, I wish good cheer to Hogpower and wish him good luck against, Rfar45, who I know is an awesome competitor.

      and with that I bid this tournament a fond, sad, fairwell. Until next time. Hopefully in the final 4 (assuming I ever make it that far again), the tile gods will be far kinder to me than they were to me this round. I swear, in one game i haven’t scored that low in 30 years. Ouch…the blood may never stop. Haha.

      Bye for now..and good luck to Rfar45 and Hogpower. Hogs can definitely swim with the sharks.

      • Hogpower says:

        David, you are the best wordsmith I’ve come across . You my friend are a better player than me and under different circumstances I feel the results would have been different. I wish you and ur sister and your mother in law nothing but the best . My prayers are with you

  3. Kevin says:

    Epic showdown!

  4. Debby says:

    Good luck to the Final Four!