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Round 9 and Thanksgiving Day

Written by bloggermark

Congratulations to our Round 8 winners: rfar45, WWF Lover, Maaria786, and Hogpower! How does it feel to be the top 0.28%?

PLEASE take time away from the tournament and enjoy your family and friends over the holiday. You really do deserve a break. We’ll resume the monthly tournament with Round 9 on Friday night at 8PM. Log in after that time, and draw your next opponent.

I’m going to let the Daily Tournament keep running, because of people who are trying to get to the requisite 20 games to make the top 16 cut. However, if you are going to be busy over the holiday, be sure to click “withdraw” after recording your latest score. This ensures that you will not be assigned an opponent when the next round cycles. You can return at any time and click “rejoin” to pick up where you left off.

Things will be fairly quiet on the blog and with email until Friday. Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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4 Responses to “Round 9 and Thanksgiving Day”

  1. ssseth says:

    I would like to thank Mark for giving us an opportunity to compete with and meet other scrabble enthusiasts. I know it takes up a lot of your time, but it doesn’t go unnoticed. Happy Thanksgiving, Mark!

    • WWF Lover says:

      Lousy draw, although I don’t think there were any “good” draws out of this. I have played Rfar45 before and enjoyed every single same. But Hogpower? One of my semi regular every day players and someone I have tremendous respect for. I was hoping we would be final 2. One of us is about to exit before our time. Sounds like a fine wine :) .

      However this turns out, it’s been a fun and glorious ride and I have enjoyed every minute of it. My best to everyone still in the “face,” and Hog – you gotta know I have tremendous respect for you dude!


      • Hogpower says:

        David I’ve always enjoyed playing you . You make it tough to step out in a lane. Because everytime I do I’m expecting to get whopped upside the head. You, my man, are the best player I’ve ever faced.