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Final 8 in Round 8!

Written by bloggermark

As I said at the beginning of Round 7, “Titans will fall.” 2tuff and simpsol took it to 3rd game, no doubt giving it their all. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Two stars are shining brighter than before: Hogpower and CurtisGary. You’ve both done what many a competitor has failed to do, which is edge out an elite player in late rounds. But don’t catch your breath now. It only gets more challenging from here!

Here they are, ladies and gentlemen. Your FINAL EIGHT!!

  • Tiler8
  • rfar45
  • WWF Lover
  • Maaria786
  • Blackjh
  • CurtisGary
  • thiefybk
  • Hogpower

Can’t wait to see the matchups!

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6 Responses to “Final 8 in Round 8!”

  1. Joel says:

    GO HOGPOWER!!! That dude is good!

  2. Brazorback00 says:

    Way to go to the 4 regulars to the WWF +350 facebook page!! Good luck the rest of the way

    • You Cant Win says:

      Brian, I’m with you in showing love to our 350+ friends but I gotta tell you that my money is on Tiler8. That dude is a real life scrabble champ and he’s got mad skills. Best of luck to all!

      • Tiler8 says:

        I wish I could have proved you right, YCW. But, as you can see, rfar took it in two games and kept me under 400 both times. It was fun while it lasted… wish it could have lasted a bit longer though!

  3. Debby says:

    Good Luck to All!