Know the (Updated) Rules

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Many of you know that I have a great distaste for elaborate rules. I prefer simplicity with an expectation that sportsmanship and reasonableness will guide us to the right choice when a gray area is encountered. However, I also realize that when players are making a significant commitment to play, it is appropriate to clearly outline rules that will make the process clear and help prevent unfair advantages.

Check out the updated rules listed on the Monthly Tournament and Daily Challenge tabs. Hot topics:

  • Who should move first?
  • How long do I wait before marking a “No-Show”?
  • What if the other player declines my opening move (and it was a bingo)?
  • What happens if multiple players go undefeated in the Daily Challenge?

Also, keep in mind that there are important differences between the Daily Challenge and Monthly Tournament, with regard to playing format and rules. So, I encourage you to do a little homework now, as it might spare you some frustration later.

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129 Responses to “Know the (Updated) Rules”

  1. Bill says:

    How many tiles does each player get?

  2. Elvira Steinberger says:

    What does the green dot mean

  3. Bonnie says:

    Why doesn’t the game subtract the tile points of the loser’s tiles? The rules state you must subtract them but the game doesn’t. It makes a difference when the game is close.

  4. Melanie says:

    How long does words with friends let your oppenent not play before they resign them? I have several people who haven’t played me back in over 25 days! When I resign from those games it makes it a loss for me but I don’t want to wait months for people to resign themselves.

  5. Robin says:

    I think each player should be able to use all his or her tiles, and the game end either when all letters are gone or no one can make another play. Not really fair, either, as the second player is at a disadvantage. About to the point of not playing any more, because those last tiles determine whether you win or lose.

  6. Marianne says:

    How does swapping effect your average? I recently swapped all seven letters and ended up with an average of less than one — .2 to be exact! How did this happen?

  7. jennifer says:

    Since downloading the new version – I constantly see a green dot on the picture of the players – what does this mean?

  8. Irene kosowski says:

    I have a + sign after a player’s name and cannot delete that name from my list of players. I need to get rid of this player! Help.

  9. jean stewart says:

    Great game, BUT the Leaderboard is always incorrect.
    ie…won, tied, lost, and the avg word is sometimes incorrect.

    Also where is the Challenge of the day ????

  10. Adrienne says:

    I play WWF on iPhone 4s. After upgrading to IOS 7 and WWF update 7.22, WWF clocks out or crashes. I need to continuously delete the upload again and again…any word on why this is happening?

  11. Trini Cruz says:

    I purchased the stats option and love being able to see my head-to-head record against various opponents among other stats. Recently, however, I ended a game with a bingo which resulted in a new high game score, but the stats page is still showing my previous high score. The built-in help doesn’t address this and I can’t find a support number or email for Zynga. Help.

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