Word Validator Updated

Written by bloggermark

Some of you gave some feedback that the paid version of the game was out of sync with the word validator on this site. Thanks to some help from David, the list should now be fully up-to-date. Thanks for your patience.

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177 Responses to “Word Validator Updated”

  1. Trevor says:

    Cacoon not being accepted as a word.

  2. Paul says:

    WWF is saying Hawaii is not an acceptable word! What????

  3. Mary says:

    “Mulga” is a real Australian word but it is not allowed.

  4. Jhudson says:

    Why won’t WWF allow me to play indians?

  5. Misha Ramsay says:

    How can Waugh (as in writer Evelyn) be a word yet pho (Vietnamese soup) and quo (as in status quo) not be words?? WWF staff nedd to check out a dictionary of words accepted in English language!

  6. Cassie says:

    ‘Endurer’ is obviously a valid dictionary word. Words with friends finds it unacceptable.

  7. Kim says:

    The word SPATZLES is a valid word, yet Words With Friends keeps saying it is not a valid word and won’t let me play it! Please fix this!

  8. Lainie* says:

    Niggle is surely an acceptable word. It means to worry!

  9. JPS says:

    Website seem broken…
    No right hand side menu except
    error message under Registraion:
    Couldn’t execute SELECT * FROM networdswithfriends.M2014_05

  10. Susan says:

    Litote is a rhetorical device. How is it not a valid word?

  11. Dan says:

    The word “storer” is a valid dictionary word. Something or someone that stores, e.g. a storer of energy or food.

  12. Zen says:

    The spanish words huevo (egg) and queso (cheese) are not accepted.

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