A New Way to Cheat?

Written by bloggermark

A player recently brought to my attention that the concluding moves of his recent games were marked by strange words. Wanting to know how he got beaten, he researched the words thoroughly, including a lookup of the official word list (see the sidebar), a Google search for the words, and an attempted pass-and-play game using the words. In each case, the words were not present.

I admit to being skeptical at first. I am occasionally beaten by a closeout bingo that causes me to pull my hair out. But I went ahead and performed the same kind of inquiry and got the same result. This left me with no other choice but to award this player with a win in Round 7. I eliminated the accused player.

The ability to trick the application into accepting any word you fancy threatens the integrity of the game. I have emailed the NewToy developers about this issue and suggested ways to address it. Until we get a fix, you the players will need to be vigilant and look up any word you suspect of being fabricated.

Here are screen shots.

You won't find "KIHEH" out there, unless you're referring to proper nouns.

REPANACO doesn't even come up in a Google search (maybe it will now)

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58 Responses to “A New Way to Cheat?”

  1. Judy Ornella says:

    I just had someone use the word “womans”. WWF accepted it but presented me with a definition for woman that correctly said the plural was “women”. The word validator on this page did the same thing. Does WWF accept possessive words without the apostrophe?

  2. Russ Humphrey says:

    Playing with your friends is no gaurantee they will not cheat….i used to play every day with a female friend of mine…i would usually win as many as 5 or 6 games in a row before she beat me…but recently, she began to beat me on a regular basis and was all of a sudden using words that, although legitimate, were totally offf the wall….i call such words “word unscrambler words”
    And i usually confront the player immediately and resign…In her case i simply stopped responding, telling her i was bored with the game…

  3. what’s the fun in cheating? there are lots of ways to cheat but what’s the point, I prefer to play with people I know

  4. Craig says:

    I like this game but…….after playing I seemed to notice a pattern of winning and losing ….almost as if the random assignment of letters wasn’t random at all….tournaments may be different…programmers could easily disable that feature…anyway I play with my brother and consistently we go back and fourth with me winning four games then were back and fourth and him wining four games…..it’s like it knows when one player is dominating and then switches gears and you lose miserably……it doesn’t seem random at all…it’s like they want to keep u in the game….because if u kept winning your opponent would soon stop…and wwf doesn’t like that now does it………anyway conspiracy..

    • A says:

      I’ve been noticing the same thing. I win a bunch and then have several games with total crap assortments of letters. I wish someone from Zynga would say whether that’s programmed into the game.

  5. Japes says:

    I do find word finders and placers cheating, but I have to disagree with people in using two letter, acceptable words and valuable spaces and blocking other users ability too make good words cheating. Being strategic is just being smart and this game is about getting the most points without using obvious cheaters. But if people are complaining about not being able to win because someone can use spaces well then they are losing sorely. People can have differnent styles of playing without cheating and if someone gets their butts kicked by someone who is just good at using the board as oppposed to having a great vocab, well it is a butt kicking none-the-less.

  6. nothingspeed says:

    Now is this game about how to spell a word or who can get the most points?????

    • kamikaze says:

      This game is about getting the highest points not about who can spell the best or who has the most elaborate vacabulary

  7. Vicki says:

    I wish they would have a feature that gives you an automatic definition of the opponent’s word. That way, at least you can learn while you play. I have no interest in playing cheaters. What’s the point? And, how does the game let you score when you come up with ridiculous words like in the photo above? I’m new to the game, but I don’t get that. Also, I’m especially discouraged with all the two letter non-sense words they allow.

    • Pndrgn99 says:

      They hacked the game. You will notice that the world wide high point per word scores show people making up to 600 points per word average. You just create a new name and play one game with a hack to allow any word, if your that much of a egotistical jerk.

      • chrssy513 says:

        Thanks! This makes sense now how some people I play use all there letters and get big points! I usually just finish that game and call it quits!

  8. Susan says:

    Let’s say you engage in a game with a player who say’s they have vowed not to cheat. Can you be sure? I mean we’re talking about cheaters here. Nobody can really be trusted, can they?

    • Pndrgn99 says:

      I will play you a fair game but I warn you I douse words like perspicacious in my games and know them well from scrabble and crossword years.

  9. J E says:

    I just don’t play anymore, because I don’t understand why people feel the need to cheat. I’ve actually had people say, “You mean you don’t use a cheat???”
    What ever happened to real competition?

    • Nina says:


    • Dee says:

      I figured out a way to infuriate the cheaters. On the Click here for words with friends cheat they have a board that you can name and save. I put in random names and their game comes up. I erase the gam and leave them nifty messages on the board. LMAO.

  10. Guest12346 says:

    Not sure why people think that using tools and automatic word finders are cheating. The word list is literally IN THE RULES for “Words with Friends” (see http://newtoyinc.com/gameswithfriends/support/Words_With_Friends_Rulebook.html )

    And there is no where in the rulebook that says that automated tools are illegal.

    Now, if your specific tournament or agreement among opponents says that you can’t use automated tools, well then fine. Otherwise, it’s your choice to use one (or not to), but calling the other person a cheater is just plain being a sore loser.

    • Chris says:

      Not sure why people think automatic word finders are cheating? People who do are sore losers? You are an idiot.

    • bigbobh says:

      A cheater is a cheater plain and simple . Of course automatic word finders is a way to cheat just like most kids cheat in school these days . I think people need to look up the words, honesty, integtrity. If you are a cheat you are a cheat nothing less..

    • Dawn says:

      Says the CHEATER LOL

    • CoffeePartier says:

      It’s cheating because YOU didn’t come up with the word without an aid. If ALL legal words were in your vocabulary and you came up with the word on your own, great. But if you lay down a legal word that you don’t even know or use without benefit of an anagram solver, then most of is would consider that on the wrong side of playing ethically!

    • Pilar says:

      Obviously the use of automated tools is cheating, whether it’s “in the rulebook” or not. You have to love someone who uses semantics to rationalize cheating at some dumb-ass game.

  11. Greg says:

    Man this has been going on for a year? I just played someone that closed me out with the word ZDIROAWIEFNU. First time I have seen this cheat.

    I had already confronted them and they admitted they were cheating.

    Newtoy must not care if this has been going on for that long.

    • Storming says:

      I am actually going to be removing a few people from my favorites to play. One person imparticular, has never scored over 250 playing me. Now all the sudden the last 3 games I can not get over 50 points when they are over 300 in 5 moves. Granted I am not that perfect of a player, but when I am used to swapping out my good letters and playing low vocaulary words just so she has a chance .. to now not even being able to get above 100 with the same person … I know they are cheatting

  12. David says:

    I have discovered a player with the user name Cheater. He started a game with me, starting out with BE, I then played JEER under it making BE an ER, then, he plays underneath JEER l, starting under the J,
    GWEDNA for 100+ then directly underneath GWEDNA plays DUPTFIN, I play off his N playing EMOTE, which he plays underneath DUPTFIN connecting to EMOTE – ZSEZHPOHEMOTE bahahaha!!! Try finding those words on Google! Try MAKING those words in a pass and play!! Wow!!!! I am taking screenshots and sending them to Zynga/NewToy. I can’t even find on Google how he is doing this, putting any tiles, any where he wants to!

    • J E says:

      Zynga doesn’t care. They encourage cheating. Anyone who says using word finders is not cheating is delusional. I’d rather play Scrabble against the computer on hard. It’s way more satifying than having someone play ZSEZHPOHEMOTE or someother 13-letter word with no vowels! LOL!!!!!!

  13. jakobaw says:

    How do you go about finding out if someone is using apps and stuff to cheat?? Besides checking if the words are even in the dictionary.

  14. AndrosZ says:

    There’s definitely no way to control cheating and given the vast amount of resources (both PC and iPhone/iPod friendly) there’s little chance that everyone is playing honestly.

    I’d say aside from maybe 1 or 2 matches I was constantly playing against anagram solvers or word finders. Even the best players shouldn’t have a minute turn around time playing words for 40+ points every single turn. It’s fine though because in the end we’ll surely have two players using aides such as these in the final round so it’ll truly be luck of the draw when receiving tiles.

    At least take your time, have sporadic times between turns so it throws your opponent off.

    • heretoomuch says:

      To be honest, I can play a full game of scrabble in 3 minutes and score an average of 400 points.
      I understand I am an exception, but not everyone that plays quickly is cheating.
      I can see anagrams of my tiles in seconds and I have memorised most acceptable words.
      I do not understand why people feel the need to cheat a free online game! Find a game that you are good at and play that!

      • japes says:

        I do find word finders and placers cheating, but I have to disagree with people in using two letter, acceptable words and valuable spaces and blocking other users ability too make good words cheating. Being strategic is just being smart and this game is about getting the most points without using obvious cheaters. But if people are complaining about not being able to win because someone can use spaces well then they are losing sorely.

  15. Michael says:

    There is no way to control cheating. People are going to cheat. I personally take it as a challenge to beat cheaters without cheating. Besides I learn new words from cheaters and I can play them later. Losing with integrity is not the end of the world. Winning by cheating does not win you anything.

  16. Timmer says:

    Actually, the player who apparently cheated is the person that I beat in round 6. (He was resurrected in round 7 because our point spread was small). I just barely beat him in the last play of our second game.

    During our second game, he played one word on a TW that I had never heard: ZOBDER. (I just checked now, and it’s not in the downloadable word list linked from this site.)

    I didn’t have any thought that he might be cheating, but we did have the following chat exchange:

    ME: Whoa! You made that word up! ;-)
    HE: No idea what that word means but I’ll take it!!
    ME: Lol, you’ve got fast fingers, then?
    HE: Fast and lucky

    I guess he wasn’t so lucky after all….

    • Dan says:

      Keep in mind that the linked word list is not exactly the list that this game uses. WWF has its own, only slightly modified, word list based on the linked list.

    • Vicki says:

      I’ve been playing Words With Friends for a long time and have played most my friends and a few Random people. I’ve been accused of cheating because I will play around with the tiles till I find a word that the system will take. (if I can’t find a word on my own that is) I usually have a high score and have a hard time finding too many that’s compatible. But there’s one I play. She’s just all of a sudden gotten good. And using odd words. I guess I’ll start looking her words up. They need to make an app that will alert you when they are using cheats.

      • Jaret says:

        I’ve been looking for a cheat detector App for a While now.. Really wish they would develop one

      • Tread says:

        Try this with your friends. Invite them to bring their device and sit with you side by side and play a game. I did and that family member squirmed and made excuses and finally did not play me in my presence. Was that a confirmation of my suspicion? I think so. For random players, I say on chat that I will not use an aid. If they agree to this we continue, if they agree, many times we proceed happily. Occasionally I ” resign” , add their name to a ” do- not-play ” list in a memo app and keep it handy for reference. Declining games of cheats is my defense.

  17. AndrosZ says:

    It’s kind of sad to see that after fighting his way back from a dishonest loss, ssseth went on to lose his comeback match.

  18. Sugarwithspice says:

    While it is unfortunate that individuals would stoop so low as to cheat in this manner I say bravo to the person that nabbed him/her. Additionally, I am glad to see that other players are looking up the words that they don’t know, either to catch a cheater or to improve their vocabulary. For whatever reason – they are learning new words which to me, is the purpose of playing in the first place and I hope that this bad seed has inspired others to take the time to investigate the words that they have not seen before. It only takes a minute and the worst possible outcome of this investment of time is that one becomes smarter. Again, bravo to the astute player! We should all be so diligent in our eagerness to learn and investigate.

  19. Debby says:

    Sooo Sad. This is a GAME. How can people feel good about cheating? I just enjoy the game so much and lose more than I win, but I keep coming back!

  20. sdsugirl says:

    Keheh is in Maui however often spelled with an I and not an H

  21. Heisonline says:

    It would be interesting to know if the same person did something like this in earlier rounds.
    People who played against this players should speak out.

  22. Derek (rokwilder) says:

    WOW. I wonder what the player using the words had to say.

    Duetzia: shrub with white or pink flowering plants from the genus Deutzia Now you can use the word with confidence

    • bloggermark says:

      The player who used the words did post a response here, but not in defense of the words. It was to attack his accuser. I decided to delete posts from both players. These boards are not for quarreling.

      • nagaimommy says:

        Awww….But I love to read the quarreling. ;) I try to check the results regularly so I can catch the full comments before you edit them. ;) Hey, I’m a stay-at-home mom and don’t watch soap opera’s so this is a good second.

        I asked my brother, who is a computer genius, about this post, and he told me how it was done. Scary. I feel for their first 6 opponents. :(

      • Greg ZX says:

        Man, you could have sold tickets to that quarrel!

        • AndrosZ says:

          True, but it would have served no purpose. The sad thing is this person probably knocked out other players by doing a similar thing.

  23. bloggermark says:

    I know exactly how, but I’m not going to share it through this forum. I just hope the hole is patched before good, honest players quit out of frustration.

  24. nagaimommy says:

    I am so curious as to how this happened. !!!!????

    • Linda says:

      there are so many ways to cheat these days, including an app I was told about that I am absolutely positive some players on here are using as i checked their moves against it and it was 100% spot on every time. It’s a shame people feel the need to cheat on a tournament for which there is no prize, just the privilege of knowing you played a good game against a good opponent.

      And I do consider it a privilege and an honor to play and lose against people who are better than me. But losing to a computer disguised as a person? Nah, I’m going to have to pass. I can play a computer and lose to it on my own. I prefer to play with the skills i learned from my grandfather 50 years ago….

      • Timmer says:

        The saddest part of this is that some excellent honest players, who are good sports and therefore fun to play against (even when they beat you), have as a result of this revelation decided to stop playing WWF.

        That’s disappointing for the rest of us, who are just in the tournament to find good players to play fair games against, and who enjoy an honest but challenging match.

        • Linda says:

          Yeah, I resigned a bunch of my games after verifying that some were indeed using an app. I even got a few of them to admit it to me after I asked specifically about that app. I am only playing a handful of players now and will stick with that until the foul taste of all of this leaves me. Too bad as I honestly loved the tournaments.

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