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February Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congrats to RoosterByron for winning our February Monthly Tournament. Here’s his bio!

Hello, My name is Sean Kennedy and I live in Anchorage. I work in an elementary school where I teach Alaska Native and American Indian students in small group instruction. I have a wife and some kids that are too much fun.  Like many of us I grew up playing Scrabble with grandparents and parents. I didn’t play again until I got a smart phone in 2010. Didn’t get to Words With Friends until a year later. Shortly after I found this amazing site. Shortly after I found the Secretary of Beverages (DAVE) – learned a lot about playing this game from him, what to do and NOT do – you’ve all seen his patented moves that some day should lead him to the finals. Then I found so many others. Larry, Mr. Beckham, Miasdad, Adam, Jonathon, Kari. Jim introduced me to the “o rule” – gotta try an O at the end of everything. BEAN, RANCH, WANDER takes two, etc. I made it to the finals a year ago (and in a similar manner – too many blanks and premiums) where I lost to Marilyn in three amazing games. Marilyn referred to us as ’2 ranked outsiders’.  Not sure that’s how I would describe her, but it suits  me!  Two final thoughts – glad I was able to make it to the finals through Mr. Beckham. I couldn’t have made it to the finals any other way. And Adam, I didn’t express this to him, but he is probably my favorite person to play against, don’t have the patience, time or xanax to play him too often, but he seems to bring out the best in me. Thanks Debby for your time. Last final thought – everybody seems to come to Alaska sometime, let me know when you’re coming through and we’ll go moose hunting, or whatever.
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January Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to Larry, lwb2012 for winning the January Monthly Tournament. Here is his bio:

Wow, finally the old man won…

I am 75 years old and a retired Engineering Director for the Navy Department.  My office provided facilities and equipment required to repair, overhaul and modify Navy aircraft, missiles, engines, avionics and components.  I have been married for 46 years and enjoy cruising.  My wife and I have been on 56 cruises..

Was introduced to Scrabble in the 60′s and started playing WWF in 2012 when I purchased an IPad.  I joined www.net in December 2012 and tried to play in each daily and monthly tourney to hone my skills.  It was the best thing that I did as the skill level here is unmatched.  I learned something in each game I played.  Mark, Debby and the multitude of others here have my deep appreciation and thanks.

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Final Monthly Winner for 2016

By Debbyoc

Drum roll please! Congratulations to caminghamboy for winning the Final Monthly Tournament for 2016!

Happy Holidays and Thank you for continuing to support this site!

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November Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to low-impact for winning the November Monthly Tournament. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have had the pleasure of meeting Brendan and his lovely family. Here is his bio:

I’m Brendan and I live just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my amazing family: beautiful wife, 3 young kids whom I couldn’t be more proud of, and a vivacious little dog Lily. My kids are starting to show an affinity for vocab and word games like scrabble, wwf so this win is for them. A big nod to my dad as well who has always shared cool words with me. Beyond word games, I play guitar and work as a nurse case manager for an insurance company. Super busy but always make time to satisfy the word junkie in me. Huge thanks to Debby for her years of work effort here at this site. She’s a great lady and a wicked wwf player as you all know…Cheers guys and happy holidays!

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October Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc
Congratulations to jflawzle3 for winning the October Monthly tournament. Here is his bio:
Hi Everyone,
I’m Jacob, I live in Denver with my girlfriend, Theresa, and our 10-month old chocolate lab, Leila, but am originally from Iowa. I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I study European history and focus on the Holocaust and World War II – reading, writing, and teaching history are my passions in life. I am also an avid runner – just qualified for my first Boston Marathon, which I will be running next April. I started playing this tournament over three years ago and have not missed a monthly since (and have made most dailies as well!). I’ve always taken a lot of pride in the monthly matches and hoped that someday I would have a shot at a final. Just last month I made my first semifinal and this month I was able to have an incredible string of luck to beat a very good player in ephemeron, (not to mention the amazing opponents along the way). I’ve met a bunch of amazing people on this site over the years and win or lose have always enjoyed the games and conversations. I owe a debt of gratitude to JBeckham, he has taken me under his wing as a type of “Words With Friends mentor” and is a true class act. This monthly championship is as much his as it is mine! I want to also thank Debby for constantly running this site and providing a place for all the wordies to have some friendly competition.  Hope to meet you all at some point in the monthly or the dailies!
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September Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to -ephemeron- for being our September Monthly Champion. Here is his bio:

Hey fellow word nerds,
My name is Avery. I’m currently a freshman in college with hopes to study Statistics. As I mentioned in my public notes, I am a registered NASPA player and am ranked in the top 100 players in North America. I am 18 now, but I reached the second highest position held by a player under 18 in North America. Here’s a little more background about me:
I began playing Scrabble at a very young age when my parents introduced me to it. I combined 4 sets of tiles and made long crosswords that I wouldn’t let my mom vacuum up (that carpet sure got dusty!). I first attended a sanctioned NASPA club at age 7 (I won my first game ever 441-378… I still have that scoresheet!) and played in my first tournament at age 9. I’ve loved the game ever since, and I’ve devoted much of my free time to developing my strategies, studying word lists and word patterns (25000 7 and 8 letter words!). I can’t say much about my social life because it doesn’t really exist. Who says you need to be social in college to have success? When I’m not playing Scrabble though, I love crossword/Sudoku puzzles, reading, and of course, eating.
I decided to make a return to this site, and the tile gods sure appreciate it, because I’ve only had to post one score below 400 this month (and it was a 399!). Ridiculous amounts of luck against some of the toughest competitors I’ve seen is really the best method for winning I suppose (but you have to have solid strategies to keep a lead! Word knowledge is only half the battle). Had I not been so fortunate with my drawing, this title could easily have gone to someone else. I’m pretty thankful that I was able to keep the momentum alive!
A big thank you to the admins who run this site every day and to all the players who gather to share our passion for a good game. I’ve already made some good friends along the way and I hope to make more. Feel free to match me any time, even if it’s not for a tournament game – I promise I don’t bite! Maybe my playing does, but I try to be nice in the chat :-) ACTUARY GEEKS – I mean, TAKE CARE GUYS.
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August Finals Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to late4dinner for winning the August Monthly Tourney. Here is her bio.

Hello!  I’m Grace from Corpus Christi, TX. Scrabble has been a huge part of my life since the age of 12. Our 10 year old granddaughter Mia is now interested in challenging me and I love it that she’s wanting to play a board game. She thanks me every time we play because she’s learning new words. That’s my goal!

The finals were a true Texas shootout since trueheartd is also from Texas.  We were evenly matched. Beckie and I started off with our guns drawn and we took it to a tiebreaker. The tiles were great for me throughout most of the game but Beckie was right on my tail near the end.

Gotta go!  All 5 of us are always late4dinner!


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July Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to RiskE4 for winning the July Monthly tourney. Unfortunately no bio has been provided.

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June Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congrats to SoonerSelf for winning the June Monthly Tournament!

Hi everyone.  I’m Adam from outside of Atlanta, GA.  I’ve been playing WWF since 2011 and am at a loss when I don’t have a game or two (or more) going each day.  My wife has come to tolerate it.  The competitors on this site provide a great challenge every time, both in the monthly and daily tournaments.  One game you think you’re smart and then you get humbled in the next thanks to a word barrage from a tough player.  But they all help me improve.  I really enjoyed the matches this month, especially against Jimmie, a fellow Sooner fan, in the finals.  It was only fitting that it went to a tiebreaker game.  I also want to thank Ike for being patient while I was on vacation.  Our tiebreaker game ended in a tie, but fortunately I had the lead before he played out.  The reality is that I had a great run of tiles in all of my matches, and that’s what’s needed to win against the competition on this site.  Thanks again to Debby for keeping the site going! Boomer Sooner!

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May Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to WascallyWabbit for winning the May Monthly Tournament. Nice to see a long time member win this month. Here is info about Anne.

Thank you, Debby, for hosting this tourney site.  It has provided us countless hours of mental stimulation!  I have played on this site for several years now and this is the first time I have come this far.  I must thank my mentors, Benjamin Green and James Chia, who have taught me how to play a more strategic game. It has been a pleasure to engage many bright minds and interesting personalities through playing this game, many of whom I have met in person in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore!

My mother instilled a love for games in us as kids.  We played card games, Scrabble and the usual board games. I love all kinds of word games: Password, Taboo, Guesstures, Catchphrase, Boggle.   I would love to get together with other players in this community to play some of these games together!

Apart from whiling my life away playing games I enjoy reading and traveling.  Life is short.

“Live well, Laugh often, and Love with all your heart!”

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