November Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to Milmead for winning the November Monthly Tournament. A repeat winner!

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October Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to Dale_j for winning our October Monthly Tournament. Here is his bio:

This is my first monthly win since joining almost four years ago.  Thanks to all my opponents over the years for adding to my words inventory and for helping me sharpen my offensive and defensive playing.  And thanks to Debby for keeping the site up and running.  Without you and the tile bag treating me more kindly this month than it did my opponents, this would never have happened.

I have been solving word and other puzzles and playing word games with my family and friends for as long as I can remember (I turn 65 in November).  We always played card and board games, including Scrabble, at family gatherings (birthdays, holidays, etc.).  Besides a normal education and all the game playing, my base of words comes from a lot of former occupations including candy making, chemistry lab tech, auto repair and parts sales, machinist and welder, general handyman work, selling antiques, collectables and craft supplies, owning a family gift store.  I also listened to audiobooks (large mix of subjects) while crisscrossing the country by land and air selling at trade shows for 25 years and look up every word played against me I don’t recognize or remember to try and make it stick someplace in my memory where I can find it when needed.

Adding to the above is all the new medical terms one learns when we get older from our own, family members’ and friends’ various new or worsening ailments.

Hope to see you in the monthly tournaments and the daily games,


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September Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to m A R T y 3 for winning the September Monthly Tournament. Here is his bio:

Greetings from down under in New Zealand. I’m Martin the only Kiwi in the tourney and have been playing since 2010 with a year off for good behavior, (addiction rehab)

i’m a 55 year old stone mason who loves building walls with stones and words with letters, There was one other stone mason on the site like me. It is interesting to look up the past winners but sad to see so little bios and comments on the home page.,I have to do a shout out to BloggerMark for building such a dynamic and smooth site. Also to Debby for keeping it going.
This is my first win although i have been bridesmaid several times. It can be tremendous fun and entertainment even when you lose. It’s the journey that counts as much as the destination!  Thanks to my my opponents from around the world this month. Jacob (jflawle3) or quickpucks could have easily won it. Thanks for a great contest  You need a good measure of luck to come this far.  Also thank you to my daily sparring partner Will D. (83submariner) who has sharpened my defense skills by thumping me so many times! .
It’s with mixed emotions that I win this accolade as it has taken so much of my time when I have so many books to be read. One in particular that needs to be read often is The Bible. It has wonderful words of LIFE. Psalms 119.v103 How sweet are thy WORDS unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth..
Anyone wanting to strike up conversation just hit me up for a game ~ m A R T y 3 with the spaces.
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August Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congrats to lwb2021 for winning the August Monthly tournament. Bio to come.

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July Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to debbyoc for winning the July Monthly tourney!

I have been playing Words with Friends since December 2009. I joined this site in March 2010 and have been playing in the Monthly tourneys since then. This is my FIRST win in the Monthly! I’m a fifth generation Californian and live in Southern California. I have three married daughters and seven grandchildren ranging in age from 9 to six months.

I have enjoyed the competition from all the players from all over the world. I have been fortunate to have met up with several players in California, Texas and Pennsylvania.

Thank you all for being part of this site!

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June Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congrats to janealmalu for winning not the June Monthly Tourney. Janealmalu has chosen not to provide a bio.

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May Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to for winning our May Monthly Tournament. Jay is a repeat winner having won in 2014. Here is his bio:

Hi, my name is Jay and I am originally from Australia but have been living in Japan for 15 years now. When not playing WWF, I am teaching English to adults and kids at my English school here in Tokyo. These Monthly tournaments are so fun and addictive.

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March Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to caminghamboy for winning the March Monthly Tournament. Here is Cam’s bio!

My name is Cam! I’m a 44 year old real estate agent and live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  I have been a scrabble fan since I can remember. I grew up playing scrabble with my grandparents, older siblings and pretty much with whoever else would care for a game. When I’m not playing words, I’m taking my Labrador “Johnny” for long walks along the beach. Happy to be a member of this fabulous tournament!

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February Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congrats to RoosterByron for winning our February Monthly Tournament. Here’s his bio!

Hello, My name is Sean Kennedy and I live in Anchorage. I work in an elementary school where I teach Alaska Native and American Indian students in small group instruction. I have a wife and some kids that are too much fun.  Like many of us I grew up playing Scrabble with grandparents and parents. I didn’t play again until I got a smart phone in 2010. Didn’t get to Words With Friends until a year later. Shortly after I found this amazing site. Shortly after I found the Secretary of Beverages (DAVE) – learned a lot about playing this game from him, what to do and NOT do – you’ve all seen his patented moves that some day should lead him to the finals. Then I found so many others. Larry, Mr. Beckham, Miasdad, Adam, Jonathon, Kari. Jim introduced me to the “o rule” – gotta try an O at the end of everything. BEAN, RANCH, WANDER takes two, etc. I made it to the finals a year ago (and in a similar manner – too many blanks and premiums) where I lost to Marilyn in three amazing games. Marilyn referred to us as ’2 ranked outsiders’.  Not sure that’s how I would describe her, but it suits  me!  Two final thoughts – glad I was able to make it to the finals through Mr. Beckham. I couldn’t have made it to the finals any other way. And Adam, I didn’t express this to him, but he is probably my favorite person to play against, don’t have the patience, time or xanax to play him too often, but he seems to bring out the best in me. Thanks Debby for your time. Last final thought – everybody seems to come to Alaska sometime, let me know when you’re coming through and we’ll go moose hunting, or whatever.
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January Monthly Champion

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to Larry, lwb2012 for winning the January Monthly Tournament. Here is his bio:

Wow, finally the old man won…

I am 75 years old and a retired Engineering Director for the Navy Department.  My office provided facilities and equipment required to repair, overhaul and modify Navy aircraft, missiles, engines, avionics and components.  I have been married for 46 years and enjoy cruising.  My wife and I have been on 56 cruises..

Was introduced to Scrabble in the 60′s and started playing WWF in 2012 when I purchased an IPad.  I joined in December 2012 and tried to play in each daily and monthly tourney to hone my skills.  It was the best thing that I did as the skill level here is unmatched.  I learned something in each game I played.  Mark, Debby and the multitude of others here have my deep appreciation and thanks.

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