November Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to Secretary of Beverages for winning the November Monthly Tournament. Here is his bio:

Hi, my name is Dave, I’m a recently retired letter carrier and part time Words freak. I live in Southeastern Massachusetts with my beautiful (and patient) wife of 31 years and our 2 furbabies whose sickening cute photos have graced my WWF page from time to time (and nauseated some of you, I’ll bet).

My WWF story is the same as many of you. I’m sure: about 7 years ago I discovered the game and was soon beating the tar out of friends and family to the point hat most of them refused to play with me. So I went searching for stiffer competition and stumbled upon Debby’s site. Well, it was a matter of “careful what you wish for” and soon I was the one getting shellacked more often than not. Around this time I started playing friendly games with Sean (notsting, roosterbyron and a million other unnamed) who was new to the game and I kind of helped him along. The student soon became the master and he went on to win the Monthly three times….he’s currently taking a break from Words to finish his masters (dude…priorities?).

The constant beatings forced me to sharpen my game, and a short 6 years later, I find myself in the finals! I have to thank Will for a great match, he’s a fierce competitor who really made me work for those two wins. Thanks also to my regular friendly opponents, Marisa (smallfry) and Donna (mamadon) and sometimes Annieport for keeping me on my toes. And of course all the other great players on the site, too many to mention all of you, but you guys challenge me to get better every day. I do have to give a shout out to those I consider the upper crust of the tourney, Len, Larry…..and Marilyn, I love ya, but I’m just thankful you weren’t in this final, ‘cause you’ve got my number every game!

Many thanks of course to Debby for keeping the site going and giving all of us Words nuts a playing field to romp around on.

And as always, cheers til next time.

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No August Monthly Tournament

By bloggermark

I heard from Debby that she’s unavailable for August monthly tournament, so existing registrations push to September. I assume the daily tournament will continue in August, but without moderator support from Debby.

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Back in Action

By bloggermark

Thanks for everyone’s patience. Those who joined the Monthly are now free to draw an opponent.

The Daily is also kicked off for everyone to join.

Play on!

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Happy Holidays to All and Thank you

By Debbyoc

Don and I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year. Thank you, to all of you, for being part of our site. You make this site what it is today. We hope that you have made new friends from all over the world. I have had the pleasure to be part of a “meet-up” in San Francisco in September. What fun it was for strangers to meet as friends.

May the New Year bring you health and prosperity.

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December Monthly Winner’s Post

By Don

Thanks to all my opponents this month I had some great matches particularly with Jan,Ben and Manav.

If anyone is interested to know a little bit more about me you can refer to my June post. I would like to send my love to my great friends Monica and Louise who have had setbacks with their health-I hope my love can appeal to your health xx

A word to Zynga if you’re reading here-WWF is my favorite game that I have ever played,however,if I didn’t love the game so much I would find the App almost unacceptable. Please fix the technical issues so we can enjoy the amazing game that it is!

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Thank You and Happy Holidays!

By Don

On behalf of Debby and myself I would like to wish all of our players a safe and happy holiday along with a very happy new year. This site is what it is because of our wonderful users and Debby and I are very proud of the atmosphere of camaraderie and collegiality that you have all created.

I would also like to extend my personal thanks to Debby for her tireless efforts in attending to the needs of our players. A better person for the job I could not possibly imagine and we are all very blessed to have her at the helm so thank you Debby!

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October monthly winner post

By Don

My name is Sohee and I’m a stay home mom with two children, ages 10
and 3. I am originally from Wisconsin and a big Badger fan, my alma
mater. I currently live in Indiana. I’ve been playing WWF for almost 3
years, and played in my first tournament in April.

I would like to say thanks to my regular and tournament opponents for
helping me improve my word base, and one in particular who has taught
me a lot about strategy, rack management and endgame.

Also, thanks to the admin for running such a nice site and tournament.
This was my second monthly tourney here and I’m looking forward to
playing in more.

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New Rules for Extra Words

By Don

So that our iPhone/iPad players are not disadvantaged, we have implemented rules in the daily and monthly tournaments which deal with extra words available on Android. These rules are effective immediately and can be read by clicking the relevant links on top of the page. In summary, if a player elects to play “iz”, “le” or “lez”, their opponent has the right to request that these words be deducted from the score. We anticipate this should affect only a very small number of games.

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Congratulations to our Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to zoneonze our January Monthly winner. Here are some comments from our Winner:

I invite all the players to be as kind as Likinho and to use as little
obscure words as possible. I can understand anyone can come up with
obscure 2 or 3 letter words or even the occasional hook that creates
unexpectedly valid words but every obscure word sent to your opponent
is like an ugly brush stroke on an otherwise beautiful canvas.

I was a wordfeud player originally and I hope that they import the
random board feature to wwf because it can really mix things up if you
know what I mean.

Someone from the stats told me a group of users are also a sw
developer team and are going to create a better and improved wwf like
game that should integrate stats and ranking among other things. What
do you think of that?
I don’t think I will be interested but it could push the zynga team to
improve their own app.

Anyway I like wwf the most and I think the tournament kicks ass but I
should cut back. The monthly really takes a toll. If you play the
daily you can pace yourself but if you play only for a few days you
get a lot of unreliable users (slow play, unfinished games, low level,
etc.) so i hope you can think of some improvement in the pairing

thanks again

Here are screenshots of the games:

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Congratulations to our Finalists!

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to Boogyweed and DarthVader707 for making it to our last Monthly Finals of 2011. We look with anticipation for the wonderful commentary that I am sure the both of you will provide us! Good luck to the both of you. You are both winners!

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