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Written by Scooteristi



10 Responses to “WordsForFacebook”

  1. Barbara Hogue says:

    Can’t get on Words with friends, names come up ,but no board, fix this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. lizjt says:

    Words with friends dictionary cannot be believed. It allows words in the actual game which are invalid when you look them up. I play on a desktop and can only play one word during a session, if a friend plays straight after me I cannot play again until the next day – what gives, and only two games. Annoying as I am playing three people and can only ‘play the two. I have a new computer – much faster than when I first began playing wwf but it doesn’t make any difference ANY SUGGESTIONS

  3. Patricia says:

    How do I download this game?

  4. ed says:

    I cannot get on wwf on facebook either, they show a beta copy

  5. alicebaker says:

    I am having trouble connecting to facebook to play words with friends on my P

  6. todd says:

    So how can i get this so I can test it out

  7. ama says:


  8. shannon says:

    can you have word with friends on laptop free

    • Scooteristi says:

      It’s free now, while it’s in its “Beta” stage. I assume they’ll charge at some point.